Donna’s Cause

I have several things I hope to accomplish with this website.


1. To finally tell my side of what occurred during my relationship with Dustin Stanley.

2. To share clear and convincing proof that I and others did not receive a fair trial, in hopes of reopening our cases and getting our day in court.

3. To remove an overzealous public official (Marsha Garst) so that she can no longer destroy lives and see that she is held accountable for her actions by the laws she swore to uphold.

4. To educate the public and potential jurors on the many tactics used to convict, to ensure that evenhanded justice is being served.

5. To raise money that will be used to pay a legal team willing to fight on my behalf for a new trial. A realistic financial goal of $50,000 is attainable with people like you who want to start a revolution of change.

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